Dragonspace – a gift shop on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada – is my favourite shop in the world. This amazing little store is a treasure trove of mythological, fantastical, esoteric and Celtic gifts, books and jewellery, and I worked there from 2011-2013. Now that I’m living in London, the dream lives on, as I’ve started writing feature blogs for the Dragonspace e-store. Magic was my first favourite topic to write about (back at the ripe age of 7), so I’m super excited to continue this trend for my Dragonspace family.

The Book Bus

The Book Bus is a UK-based charity that runs literacy initiatives across Africa, Asia and South America. I’m currently volunteering with their Communications team, helping to write and research the monthly newsletters and posts for the Book Bus blog. I get to uncover amazing stories from the volunteers tirelessly working with the Book Bus fleets across the world, and the children and families that make up the Book Bus community.


LongShorts is a social story platform, featuring fictional stories told via social feeds. I’ve finished writing Part I of my LongShort titled ‘Road Tripping’ – about a trio of young girls travelling across Western Canada – and Part II is soon to come. You can download the app here.

Tiny Owl Workshop

Tiny Owl is a Brisbane-based indie publisher with a growing list of literary projects I support. In Christmas of 2014, I was the curator and editor for the Krampus Crackers flash fiction collection, which saw twelve flash fiction stories and artworks published in Christmas crackers. In conjunction with the design team at Creative Emporium, the project won a Gold Illustration award at the 2015 QLD Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards. I’m also working as an editor for the Tiny Owl Noveltinis project.



Yarn Storytelling

Yarn Storytelling is a quarterly live storytelling event I co-produced with Ryan Sim back in Brisbane. Check out the YouTube channel above, or follow Yarn on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with events and workshops. These nights are a fantastic opportunity to hear incredible true stories from Brisbane locals and connect with the city’s creative community.

Country Update Magazine

I occasionally write in a freelance capacity for Australia’s leading country music magazine, Country Update. I focus on younger emerging musicians – writing, researching and conducting interviews for feature articles and album reviews.

Story City/Street Reads

Story City is an interactive story mobile app, which uses locative literature to bring Australian cities and suburbs to life. In 2015, I was a writer for the project, penning a choose-your-own adventure ghost story set in Sandgate.


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