Little Things

I’ve been writing some little stories here and there in between working on my bigger project for younger readers and settling back into Brisbane life. I’m especially excited to be a part of Brisbane-based publisher Tiny Owl Workshop’s upcoming Pillow Fight! project, which will see my short piece, A Dragon Story, and other great works from local writers printed up on pillows for the Brisbane Writers Festival in September.

I also wrote a short piece about my super super cool dog Buddy for Illoscript, an emerging online arena for telling the fun stories you’d share with your friends over Sunday catch-up coffee/drinks. The great thing about Illoscript is they team your story with an illustrator who’ll draw a custom illustration for it. I love the picture Debs Lim did of Buddy wearing festival sunglasses and a bow tie, though I hesitated to show it to Buddy because he already thinks he’s cool enough.

Plus I have a story featured in the Summer issue of Canadian online pub Origami Journal.

Now it’s back to my YA work-in-progress, watching this, and listening to a lot of pop music.


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